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About me

I’m a senior marketing expert who creates campaigns and content that generate fantastic effects to strengthen and move brands. My experience from both agencies and in-house has given me a dual perspective that has given me great and valuable insights on how to make great things happen from the inside out.

I have great experience in strategic communication, digital transformation, and campaigns, and I flourish  by solving problems through creativity and curiosity. I 100% believe more perspectives create smarter, funnier, and more creative solutions. So, let’s create something extraordinary together! 

I am a sucker for exquisite storytelling, efficiency and high quality craftmanship.

As a person I’m a passionated and structued doer and a team player by heart that love a contexts where I get to solve problems together bold, smart, and funny people who also dare to push limits while never forgetting to enjoy the ride. As a creative leader I want to help my coworkers to grow as well as achieve the best result for each client.

My creativity, curiosity and business mindset have led to several awards, buisiness development, impressive results, and have hopefully contributed to improvements in people’s lives. Check out more work and follow me on instagram

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